1 Year from Today

One Year from today I will be departing for my journey around the world. The plan is still to travel without the aid of air power. Many things will have to happen between now and that day. Tickets need to be purchased, belongings need to be sold, and much reading needs to be done. I am comfortable with the idea that not much of my journey is planned out but what I am not comfortable with is my grasp of history. I feel like I will be missing out on much of the wonder of the world if I am not able to put it into context.

So my goal from here on out is to begin publishing the research and reading I’m doing to prepare for this adventure. Deep down I feel that no matter how much time I spend focusing on the things I think I need to know or things I think I need to bring with me, I will find myself wondering what the hell I spent so much time doing. Especially when I should have been getting ready for (fill in the situational blank).

I’ve recently come across a Yahoo Group of people who have traveled around the world, are traveling, or are strongly interested in it. Already the members have pointed me to some new locations for information and people to talk to. I’m sure there are many thousands of miles of collective road amongst this group and I’m looking forward to learning about it.

Yahoo RTWers: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RTWers/

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