In about a month I will be traveling to Redwood City, California to do some work for a client. This got me thinking about the wonderful Giant Redwoods in the Redwood Forest which I assumed wouldn’t be far from Redwood City. I was wrong. As you may already know, Redwood City and the Redwood Forest are about 185 miles away from each other.

There go my hopes of cruising through the Drive Through Tree or standing next to these largest and oldest of earth’s trees.

While doing the research that ultimately led me to see the error in my assumption I stumbled across this site full of roadside oddities: This site is “a caramel-coated-nutbag-full of odd and hilarious travel destinations — over 7,000 places — ready for exploration” and well worth checking out. I’m constantly traveling around the Pacific Northwest for work and now I’m going to have to budget extra time to check out the Oregon Centennial Candle, or at least the concrete replacement for it. Even more interesting might be to stop by Butte Falls and get a snapshot with the carving of Paul Bunyan’s little brother, Ralph. I had no idea there were so many Paul Bunyan monuments (roadsideamerica has a list).

Pick the state where you live or the one you’ll be traveling to and I’m sure you’ll find something odd to visit.

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