Run like…

Many thoughts repeat through my head as I’m doing other things. One that started while I was driving just a moment ago was “Find a dream and run after it like death itself is chasing you”

I believe very strongly in dreams. By dreams I mean aspirations, goals, etc… An idea of the life you want or the person you want to be. I believe I’ve always tried to live as close to my dreams as possible, filling in the in-between time with preparation to reach a certain goal. I was single throughout my adolescence, and in that time I tried to understand what kind of a man I wanted to be, so as to be right for the kind of woman I hoped to find. I found in the intervening years most of that preparation wasn’t necessary. That’s what actual life experience teaches you. However, I have found that I very much like the man I’ve become and I couldn’t be happier with the woman it has brought me to. Preparation is important, but knowing what you want is even more so. It provides you with a plan. A picture of the outcome you hope to achieve. Another mistake I made while I was younger was that I thought I had to have the whole picture defined. I’ve since learned that only the outline is necessary, the details will fill-in with the doing.

In terms of the trip I have coming up I don’t know exactly what I want out of it. I know I want a story worth telling. I want an experience that I can learn from. I want, as I believe I have always wanted, to be a better man for having done it.

This all might seem a little lofty, but if you are to continue reading my writing you might as well get used to it. I sometimes write like I’m authoring a self help book. Know that in the end, the audience is my elder self, and maybe my eventual family.

I think I want to become a writer during this journey. Some have told me I already am, but I believe right now I am just someone who writes. I’d like to become a writer. I hope also to become a photographer. Either of these goals will be fulfilled in the doing. I plan to write every day I’m on the road, even if it is just a few lines. I plan to take pictures every day, even if it’s of nothing of consequence. By doing these two things I feel that I’ll be able to learn from my mistakes and by the time I get back I’ll have piles of material I might be able to do something with. What will I do with it? That remains to be seen. Will it be worth anything? If only to me and the people that want to hear the stories, it will be priceless.

Grand scheme? Who knows, that is usually realized far after the fact.

In closing, find a dream and run after it like death itself is chasing you. Because it is.

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