Everything is an adventure.

In the past two weeks I have experienced some amazing – life changing – events.

The first was proposing to my girlfriend. I’ve been working with my cousin on the ring since November, I knew a long time ago that this was something I wanted to do, but I wasn’t aware of the process of having a ring designed. I’ve written a short piece about it that I’ll finish soon and publish in it’s entirety. For now, let’s just say, it’s more intense than I thought it would be. Not that I had any idea what to expect. Having a jewelry designer in the family to help guide me through the ins and outs of the business was incredibly helpful (Thanks Marq!).

After all the stress of getting the ring designed, produced, and delivered. Then you have to propose.

I had it all planned out. There was a lakeside cabin and a rowboat all rented and ready to go. But it was not to be. Summer needed to have some pre-operation preparation completed before her surgery on May 9th. so we had to preempt our “fishing vacation” to sit in the hospital for a few days.

Things couldn’t have turned out better in the end.

After Summer’s treatments were finished and before her “Minus Thymus” party. I asked her to join me for some photography at the Japanese Gardens. She wasn’t all that interested and eventually I had to ask her to join me “as a favor”, to which she agreed. We were walking around the gardens taking pictures – actually I was scouting out locations to propose since the waterfall was too full of tourists – and eventually made our way to the pavilion overlooking Portland. I asked her to stand in front of the view of downtown so that I could take a picture. So she promptly hopped on top of the bench and threw out her arms. “No, not up there, stand down here” I asked.




I took the picture, reached into my pocket, dropped to one knee and said “So I can do this…”

Pulling out the box and opening it I said “Will you marry me?”

After a couple seconds of processing (later she would tell me that she was trying not to jump to conclusions) she started crying (the good kind) and said “Yes!”

I sat holding her on the bench for a little while and when we got up to leave we realized that the tourist group we had been avoiding had made their way around the pavilion and were applauding.

She had already planned a small get together that night to celebrate before her surgery so she was able to shock her friends with the announcement at the party. And so it became a Minus-Thymus-Engagement party.

Like I said. Things couldn’t have turned out better.

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