Many happy returns.

I’m breaking the silence!

I’ve been quiet for quite a while.

I’ve been back for over two months and no posts? Yeah, honestly, I wanted to avoid it for a while. That, and I really have been incredibly busy!

I ended up leaving the country again three weeks after I got back. Summer and I flew down to Cabo for a week and, I have to say, it was an incredibly relaxing time! It actually felt like a vacation. All inclusive food and booze, we ate and drank and lay in the sun.

After that trip it was back to work. There was some adjustment to the return to responsibility and actually having to be places at specific times but it happened quickly.

Life sped up immeasurably at that point. It really was interesting to go from a leisurely snails pace to the fuel-injected speed of what is everyday life for Americans. I got to see it happen.

Since then I’ve been re-exploring my many hobbies and developing new ones. Summer and I are buying a house (keep your fingers crossed). Those of you that have been through that know what an educational experience it can be. We should know in the next weeks if we got the one we wanted.

And finally, in a couple weeks, I’m off to Washington D.C. for Super-Tuesday to see how that town deals with the playoffs for this country’s political Super Bowl.

Well that’s the update. I’ve been staring at the blog for a while now thinking “I should write something” so I did. Now… let’s move on…


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  • Good to see you back.

  • Crystal

    Fingers crossed on the house, that is so awesome! Ours appears to have gone through, just need to slap my signature on some paper a million times. 🙂
    Hang out with you soon!

  • Theresa

    Welcome back! Congrats on the house (I hope you get the one you two want). I look forward to seeing you at some future event!

  • Brad,

    I owe you house painting services if you need them on the new place. Don’t be afraid to call the favor in.


  • Goat

    Welcome home Lou. There’s comfort in knowing you’re back on US soil. Good luck with the house purchase you poor bastard. No really, good luck – it is definitely an educational process. And at the end of it all…..a house. That’s cool.