I ran my first 5K (3.1miles) last Sunday. The event was to raise awareness about the endangered cheetah and raise awareness for the Cheetah Conservation Fund. Honestly I was just there for the run, to see if I could do it or if I would punk out. Honestly I did better that I expected. I usually finish 5K in about 42min with a bit of run-walk on the tradmill. So when i finished with a time of 37:45 despite the many hills or the significant amount of rain I was pretty pleased.

Suprisingly I ended up not terribly sore the next few days. Certain muscles are far more awake now then they have been in the past but I usually consider that a good sign. I’ll be looking forward to the next run. Hopefully with less hills and more sun.

Thanks go to Crystal for motivating me to get out there even though I didn’t feel I was up to it.

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