Photos: Sofia, Bulgaria

Thanks for the requests and suggestions. You’ll notice more pictures of people near the end of the set. I prefer to take pictures of people, however I still need to get over the awkwardness of just asking if I can take the picture, or just taking the picture and being unapologetic about it.

As to video, I’ve been working on that as well. I’ve got some short videos that I’ve taken over the course of the journey that I’ll put up. As soon as I can get them converted into something small enough to upload. As for the video blog, I’ll do my best. I’ve been over thinking the whole thing. what shots, what order, what to say, narrative, etc… I’ll try and stop that and see what happens.

For now… Sofia



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  • Do you have a GPS with you? Maybe post your coordinates so we can look you up on Google Earth. I think that would extremely cool.

  • Crystal

    Thos pictures are beautiful! I especially love the kitties. 🙂