There are an incredible amount of bugs in the Midwest, I’d say half of them are visiting my laptop right now. I’m on the back patio of a bar in Sioux City, alone, with a $5 pitcher of Bud, trying to control my urges to knock the bugs off my person and laptop. It does no good… they come back. At least if I leave them alone, maybe they won’t tell their friends, so they can have that eerie glow all to themselves.

I can hear the stray bugs from the nearby safety light bouncing off the Coors umbrella attached to my table. It’s like a sporadic bit of insect rain.

The sounds around me are pretty impressive too, there is the machine gun fire of some, the long creaking Morse code of others, and the deafening noise that the Cicadas make. If you’ve never seen a Cicada they are an incredibly ugly bug.

Once while I was working in Maryland I found an intact molting of a Cicada laying in the grass. I was working with a couple of guys that were from India and hadn’t spent that much time in the US. Thinking I was funny I grabbed the shell, took it into the server room, and placed in on the keyboard of one of their laptops. From somewhere I could see I called out “hey, could you get me the password for this router?” Unsuspectingly he walked over to his laptop, poised his hands for typing, gasped, and promptly fell backward. He didn’t say anything or call out; instead he grabbed a pen and started poking at it. That was when I couldn’t hold it in any longer and burst out laughing. Busted…


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  • Crystal

    I miss the lightning bugs. As kids my brothers and I (me most likely coerced by my brothers of course) would smear them on our faces and run around in the backyard thinking we were the smartest kids ever to think of such a thing. We were foolish brats.

  • KT

    2007 is the 17-year Cicada’s cycle.

    This video is WAY to emotionally manipulative–who thought one could have such emotions for a b u g..


    My Chicago friends who reside outside of downtown report massive piles of the 17 year variety. They live underground the whole time only to come out for six weeks to mate and lay eggs.

    I’ve heard reports that they are mostly gone.


  • Emmy

    I miss the lightning bugs as well, I remember being out with my family after a bbq and just watching them fly in the summer nites. It brings back fun memories!! Thanks for sharing Brad!!

  • Scotty

    Cicadas I miss, I always loved the sound they made. Now the bugs I miss the least from the midwest are June Bugs. Big, ugly, beetles the size of your thumb that can give you quite a fright when they slam into your windows, screen door, face, or get stuck in your hair. I think their only redeeming feature was the satisfying “pop!” they make when stepping on them that you only get from squishing a really big bug.