Weird Chickens

I drove up to Le Mars, Iowa on Wednesday to visit the Plymouth County Fair. I’ve never, to my recollection, been to a County Fair. After being to a County Fair, I think I’d remember if I had.

It was the first day of the Fair and the middle of the day on Wednesday so there were not too many people there. Mostly just the people that had brought animals to be judged, or sold, or, I’m guessing, eaten. There was a barn for each of your standard farm animals: sheep, goats, horses, pigs, chickens and other birds all classified by the sign “Poultry”, and of course beef (cows). I did expect to see llamas and emus but maybe that’s more of an Oregon thing.

The chickens though… I have never seen such a variety of chickens in my life. There were some weird chickens, very colorful, stylish, and yes weird, chickens.



Also, I’d hoped to find some 500 pound pig that I could hitch a ride on, but no, no such pig ride was available. Now I should visit a State Fair, maybe they’ll have a pig for me to ride.



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  • Crystal

    ahh, the midwest. my friend holly just went to the county fair in eugene and they had dirty hippies and an adult puppet show with beatboxing puppets. we need to hit that one up next year.

  • Brad, you think that’s weird. Do you remember the chicken in Bali that were always making noise at 3 am???? hahahaha 😀

  • KT

    i won a cake at cow chip bingo once. or was that cow chip twister?